Friday, March 2, 2012

Nepomuk Metadata Extractor Update

A small update on my extractor approach.

I took Ben Smiths advice and had a look at Calibre.
Now you get a neat UI instead of a command line dialog with some random popup dialog.

Also the extractor is now a reusable library (as it was supposed to be anyway). The First screenshot shows integration from within Conquirere. The second screenshot shows what happens when the extractor is called via the dolphin action menu. This way you can move forward/backward the single files and search/extract info for each of them. See what will be inserted and decide if you really want it or use a different entry/search engine and try again.

The UI has still some rough edges, but now you can change the search parameters manually and also restrict the search by author, year and so on.

So a nice UI that could be added to all programs that want to fetch and add metadata for its resources to nepomuk.

While I start to like the UI, the plugin structure in the background isn't well designed to allow it to work with all kind of situations. I'm sure this will be sorted out soon too.

The metadata extractor is now in playground if you like to have a look


  1. Hi
    I have been trying to compile this from git since the first release without success. I keep getting the error

    metadatafetcher.h:27:31: fatal error: PythonQt/PythonQt.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated.

    I have python-pyside and python-pyside-devel installed.
    I also downloaded PythonQT from
    and changed the line in metadatafetcher.h to include the PythonQt.h directly, but the build failed with

    metadatafetcher.h:172:5: error: ‘PythonQtObjectPtr’ does not name a type

    I am compiling on a Fedora 16 64-bit system. I am wondering if you have any insight into my problem. Any help or suggestion is appreciated.

    1. Mhh seems this only compiles well on kubutnu. fails for gentoo, fedora and opensuse currently.

      In my case there is package libpythonqt2-dev that solves all problems.
      Should on the other hand also work if you install it from sourceforge trunk.

      Could you check if adding

      #include < PythonQt/PythonQtObjectPtr.h>

      to the metadatafetcher.h helps?

      I have no idea in the moment how I could solve this, but I#ll see what I can do or is I could replace PythonQt somehow

    2. I tried in switching the lines but ended up with the same results--error: ‘PythonQtObjectPtr’ does not name a type.

      After looking around a little. It seems that the main problem stems from PythonQT ( being unavailable on all the other platforms. I tried to build PythonQT from source on fedora, but that also ended up in failure.

      Thanks for the help though

    3. PythonQt was a really bad choice.

      Cause more trouble than anything else. I will switch to the Kross framework which I totally forgot about beforehand.

      This should work a lot better as it is KDE technlogy.