Monday, March 18, 2013

KDE wacomtablet 2.0 Beta 7

Today I like to announce the new and last beta for the KDE wacomtablet tool.

The 2.0 beta 7 release contains many new changes, since the last stable (1.3) most of the code has been changed and many new features are finally working.

Beside some UI revamp to make the KCM more intuitive the 2.0 release adds:

  • Improved button shortcut handling.
  • Improved handling of auto-rotation.
  • Tablet areas can now be selected for each screen independently.
  • All screen mapping can now be handled with one dialog.
  • Global shortcut to switch between Fullscreen and a single Monitor.
  • Tablet and touch area selection now takes the rotation settings into account.
  • Added feature which allows the user to invert the scroll direction of the touch device.
  • Many bugfixes in the background.

The screenshots below show you how the KCM looks now.

New Pen settings page.
New Express Button page.
Changed dialog to select the button actions.
New dialog to select screen/tablet area

New Tablet page
New Touch page

From now on only bugfixes and translations will be added to this release.
So please test it and report any error you might find.

You can get the release from:

You must install a wacom-driver 0.20 or higher to avoid some bugs