Friday, August 10, 2012

Music support for the MetaData Extractor

Just a quick update on Nepomuks meta data extractor.

I have added support to music files via MusicBrainz. From now on you can easily get additional data from there. To get some additional search parameters the id3 tags are read in via TagLib.

Now all "important" file types (documents, video, music)  are handled by this little helper.
The next step will be some UI cleanup to increase the usability.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Conquirere and Nepomuk MetaData Extractor Update

After a long time some new updates on Conquirere and the Nepomuk MetaData extractor.

Since KDE 4.9 now uses nepomuk-core and this the Nepomuk2 namespace some changes had to be done to make everything work again. Andreas Cord-Landwehr was so nice to do the dirty work and ported Conquirere to the new Namespace.

While he worked on the port I've decided to add some minor helpers that will deal with large datasets in the program. The new Conquirere now adds a splash screen to show whats going on during the startup and for large datasets it is possible to use a cache to speed up the loading time of all entries.

What's still left is the very long time necessary to load all data into the model if the cache wasn't created.
This will be the main ToDo for the next versions.

After I have started to work on the Nepomuk parts again I wanted to fix the last few missing corners in the Nepomuk MetaData fetcher too.

Now there is a working fetcher that adds:

  • a gui to fetch folders and files with a Dolphin Service menu
  • an automatic fetcher in the background the files without user interaction
  • Plugin for Konqueror to import data from supported websites directly to Nepomuk
  • NPAPI Plugin and Extension for Chrome to import meta data from websites
  • Everything can be added easily into any other program

What websites are supported and how they are parsed is all done in python scripts (and can be done in Ruby and Javascript too)

Currently only, and are supported.

Because everyone loves screen shots, here is one showing the Chrome integration:

You can get the the source from

What will the future bring?

  • support for music files
  • maybe support to fetch person data
  • more websites to fetch data from