Tuesday, September 11, 2012

MetaData Extractor 0.2

A small update on the Nepomuk MetaData Extractor.
Today I release version 0.2. This means also my extractor is finally in a state that is good enough to get it out of playground and somewhere into KDE (as kdelibs is frozen I'll aim for extragear).

To make this happen a little bit more testing is needed, so it will be "bugfree" by the time 4.10 will be released.

What changed since my last blog post:
* I've added a BatchDownloader so external programs can integrate the extractor stuff better.
* Plugins / Nepomukpipe execution do not block the ui anymore.
* Made some more methods public. Helps to reuse the NepomukPipe classes (mainly from Conquirere)
* Old metadata (from this extractor) will be removed before new data is added.
* In automatic mode loop through all available plugins for one type until a match was found. maximising the chance to get a result.
Lim Yuen Hoe extended the tvdb plugin for anime support.
* imdb tv show fetching works now
* add plugins for SpringerLink, nature.com
* save contacts (Author, Director, Actor etc) as nco:Contact rather than nco:PersonContact
* Show all metadata results in a treeview, rather than a subset of it in a plain list.
* several other bugfixes
Anime support and TreeView in the MetaDataExtractor

Conquirere integration