Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wacom Tablet KCM 2.1 beta1 Release

Almost a year has passed since the last release of the Wacom Tablet KCM. A lot has happened on my side but I finally found the time to to some hacking on the code again.

This beta tackles a few issues from the bug tracker.

* Support for more than one tablet at the same time
Now you can connect as many tablets as you want and select between them in the KCM. For each tablet the correct profile will be applied, while the global shortcuts will be used on all connected tablets.

* Support for profile rotation and status LEDs (Intuos/Cintiq)
New global shortcuts allow you to rotate through a list of profiles (for each individual device). You can map this onto the tablet (for example the button 1 on the Intuos) to do a fast profile switch.
In addition the LEDs should tell you which profile in the rotation list is currently active.
(The LED feature is highly experimental and might not actually work, as I do not own a Intuos)

* New Tablet finder application to detect unknown tablets or change the current db entries
In case new tablets are sold which are not in our own tablet database yet, you can go through the process of detecting and specifying them with the help of this application. The result will be saved in a local database that will be checked first when the tablet is connected. This way you can also override the existing tablet database with your own changes.

* Fix profile loading error in some cases
* Fix white text on white background the the plasma applet

You can find the source archive on or in the releng2.1 branch.


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