Monday, May 13, 2013

Nepomuk WebMiner 0.6

A few month have past, this my last WebMiner update. In the meantime I finished my Master Thesis, moved to a new location and started my new job. Perfect time to release a new version with the changes I have made since.

The Nepomuk WebMiner 0.6 adds beside several bugfixes:

  • User changeable regular expression for the filename parsing.
  • Removed its own and reuse the Nepomuk internal fileindexing to get id3 tags and other file metadata.
  • Add whitelist for automatic web search. You might like to lookup the folder with your publication pdfs but not your private documents. Or the network share with your tvshows, but not your private family videos. This works on top of the Nepomuk whitelist. So you Nepomuk can index these files, but not all of them will be websearched.
  • Instead of the dull treeview that shows the raw fetched metadata, you can now see and edit the metadata in several fancy edit fields.



You can find the latest release on or the tarball on
Even though I wanted to get this into KDE SC 4.11, I doubt this is going to happen. Soft feature freeze is around the corner and I don't feel comfortable enough to let this be part of SC and annoy all users with this service yet. There are still a lot of usability problems I like to have solved properly before this can be part of of any KDE installation.

So please test the latest release and report any errors back to me.


  1. Great! Meanwhile, any news on Conquirere? :-)

    1. I'll finish the update on the nepomukcontroller and then I get back to conquirere again :) so expect a blog in around 2 Month with a proper update